Is Naxos Expensive To Visit in 2024?

Are you planning a trip to the Greek islands and wondering is Naxos expensive to visit? 

That’s a good question!

Naxos is often said to be one of the cheapest islands in Greece. While you can certainly find cheaper islands outside the Cyclades Islands group, it could easily be one of the best value for money!

I went island hopping in the Cyclades and visited several other places in Greece, so I was curious to see if is Naxos cheap compared to the other places in Greece.

I loved exploring Naxos, and prices in Naxos were a pleasant surprise after spending time in Santorini!

Whether you want to stop in Naxos when island hopping the Cyclades or you want to spend your summer holidays on the island, here’s everything you need to plan your Naxos travel budget!

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Is Naxos Expensive?

The short answer is: No, Naxos is not expensive to visit.

Especially compared to the islands in the neighborhood – Santorini and Mykonos!

Beautiful beaches and hiking trails are one of Naxos’ main selling points, and they are completely free activities.

Accommodation and tours in Naxos are significantly cheaper than in Santorini or Mykonos, as Naxos is still considered an “off-the-beaten-path” island.

If you’re still deciding between Naxos or Paros, the prices are pretty comparable on both islands.

Yet, Naxos is not exactly cheap. It is not one of those places where you can do whatever you want without even looking at the prices.

Depending on your travel style, your holidays in Naxos can become costly.

The cost quickly adds up if you want to go sailing every day, have candle-lit 3-course dinners, or spend days sipping cocktails by the beach.

Still, even these “luxurious” experiences are significantly more affordable than in some of the most expensive countries in Europe.

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Naxos Travel Budget Breakdown

The low cost of travel is one of the main reasons why Naxos is worth visiting.

Before we get into the budget breakdown, let’s clarify that this is a budget that works for my travel style. 

This is a backpacking and budget travel blog. I don’t mind spending on experiences, but I’d rather have breakfast in my accommodation than pay 15€ for granola and tea.

I don’t care for luxury accommodation, but I usually won’t go for a place with a rating under 8 on Booking so that is the price range we have here.

Your expenses will be higher if you’re a more luxurious traveler who likes eating out for every meal, going for nights out, renting a car, and so on.

  • Accommodation: 50-100€ in high season (30€-50€ in shoulder season)
  • Getting around by bus: 0-10€
  • Food and eating out: 10-25€
  • Drinks: 0-15€
  • Fun money and attractions: 0-30€

TOTAL: 60-150€ per day in high season

a sandy beach in naxos, plaka with an open sea view and paros island in the distance

Accommodation Prices In Naxos

As is always the case with coastal destinations, accommodation prices skyrocket in July and August.

It is one of the disadvantages of Europe in summer, but it is the time when most people can visit. 

I visited Naxos in September and had incredible accommodation right next to the beach for less than 40€ per night. The same place is closer to 100€ per night in high season.

When compared to prices in Paros, accommodation prices in Naxos Chora and Parikia are pretty much the same.

Budget-Friendly Hotels in Naxos

You can find rooms and studios in well-rated family-run Naxos hotels for 30-40€ per night in the shoulder season (May and September), and 70-90€ per night in the high season (July and August). 

However, Naxos is growing in popularity, so the best budget-friendly accommodation gets booked very far in advance.

If you’re planning a last-minute trip, don’t be surprised if you see the average price of basic rooms and studios at around 100€ in high season.

I stayed in and loved Soula Naxos – the studio was perfectly located right next to the beach and within walking distance of the city center.

Luxury hotels in Naxos

If you want to treat yourself to a 5-star hotel experience in Naxos, you won’t be disappointed. 

Upscale hotel prices in Naxos start at 250€ for a hotel without a pool to 300-350€ for hotels with a pool in high season.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Galini Hotel – right in the city center, with beautifully decorated rooms with sea view and generous breakfast
  • Naxos Earth Suites – exceptionally beautiful property with an unobstructed sea view in a calm location
  • Annio boutique studios – escape the crowds with an Instagramable private jacuzzi or a pool, close to the beautiful Plaka beach

Hostels in Naxos

Naxos only has one dorm-style hostel, and I wouldn’t stay there since it is not very well-rated and you can get a whole studio in Naxos for the price of a bed. 

That is unfortunate for solo female travelers coming to Naxos who would like to make friends in a hostel.

Hopefully, it changes in the future!

Cost Of Eating Out In Naxos

Generally, the restaurants in Naxos are slightly cheaper than restaurants in Mykonos or Santorini.

You’ll find plenty of family-run tavernas and places to have an authentic Greek meal in a casual setting.

Of course, it is also possible to have a “treat yourself” night with a candle-lit dinner in one of the seafront restaurants.

A main vegan dish in a nicer seafront restaurant will cost you about 15€

I really liked the vegan fast food options in Yasouvlaki, as you can’t go to Greece and not have a vegan gyro! 

Chocolat Cafe Creperie has a lot of vegan crepe options for about 8€, which is a great quick snack option as well.

a street in halki village a day trip in naxos lined with small wooden tables and people having lunch

Is Nightlife Expensive In Naxos?

Naxos is not the nightlife center of the Cyclades, it is a rather quiet, family-friendly island. 

In fact, Naxos locals often take a quick ferry ride over to Paros to enjoy the nightlife in Paros, Naoussa on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sure, Naxos is not Mykonos or Ios when it comes to upscale nightclubs and nightlife. 

At the same time, there are quite a few nightclubs and bars in Naxos town if you fancy going out for a drink. Naxos Chora is far from quiet, as it is dotted with casual bars, and it gets very lively in the summer months!

Expect cocktails to be around 8-15€. Drinks are more expensive in fancy places like the Swing Bar.

Bars usually run happy hours where you can get cocktails for around 7€ in the late afternoon.

Supermarket Prices In Naxos

On average, groceries are slightly more expensive on the islands than in mainland Greece. 

If you want to save money on your holiday, I suggest you book accommodation with a kitchen and have at least one meal at home.

Small corner stores are the most convenient but the most expensive place to get groceries. 

I got food in Super Market Koutelieris, and they even had a good offer of vegan alternatives. AB Supermarkets are also a good option if you’re staying close to one of those!

I found the prices to be very comparable to average European supermarket prices. Some things were slightly cheaper than in France, but the difference was 0,5-1€.

You’ll need bottled water throughout your trip, so it is best to buy a pack of 6 bottles to keep in your accommodation and fill your reusable water bottle. You can find a 6-pack for about 2€, while one 0,5l bottle can be 1€.

Cost Of Getting Around Naxos

If you’re coming to Naxos solely for a beach holiday, you don’t need a car in Naxos. It is easy to get to the most popular beaches like Agios Prokopios beach by bus or simply walk to the beach in the city center.

Bus prices in Naxos vary by distance and destination, but you can expect ticket prices from 1.80€ to 6.20€ in one direction. On average, you’ll pay around 3€ for a one-way trip.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to buy bus tickets at the small bus station close to Naxos ferry port. You’ll get to see the exact price for each trip on the list in front of the ticket office.

That is also where you’ll find the bus schedule, in case it wasn’t updated on the Naxos bus website

a girl standing on the door of a white small rental car on the side of the road in front of naxos mountains

Cost Of Renting A Car In Naxos

While a car is not a necessity, renting a car in Naxos makes it easy to visit certain tourist attractions, go for a hike, or simply have complete freedom to get around Naxos.

Rental car prices vary depending on the season, so they will be the highest in July and August. The cost per day drops as you book a car for several days, and it is the most expensive for one day. 

In the low season, you can find cars for less than 30€ per day, while in the high season, the price is closer to 70€ per day for the cheapest category. 

If you’re coming to Naxos in the summer, I suggest you book a car online in advance to get the best deal.

I like to book through Discover Cars as the price tends to be cheaper than directly from the company. Sometimes they add some fun perks for free!

If you’re visiting in the shoulder season, like I was there in September, and you don’t mind shopping around and negotiating, you might get a good deal in person as well!

However, that method depends on how busy the island is and how many car rental companies have available. 

🚗 Check rates and availability of rental cars in Naxos here!

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Cost Of Naxos Day Trips And Activities

Unless you’re coming to Naxos solely to enjoy the beach, you’ll have to budget for day trips from Naxos

Naxos day trips can be as expensive or cheap as you make them!

If you rent a car, you can easily reach and discover all the picturesque mountain villages and archeological sites like Kouros or the Temple of Demeter for the price of renting a car.

You can take day trips by bus for less than 10€, as an average bus ticket price is about 3€. 

Several Naxos bus lines connect Naxos Chora to the rest of the island, and with the online bus schedule, you can even plan a hike to Mount Zas and Zas Cave! 

Taking a bus is a great option for those backpacking the Cyclades on a budget.

The most popular day trips to other islands from Naxos are Paros or sailing the Small Cyclades.

You can easily organize a day trip to Paros from Naxos by ferry, a there are multiple daily departures.

Naxos is also a great base for day trips to more expensive islands like Santorini, Mykonos, or UNESCO-listed Delos. These day trips can be quite affordable and cost about 50€ per person with a tour.

a photo of oia santorini with the popular orange house in the first plan, and numerous whitewashed houses in the background


What is the currency in Naxos, Greece?

The currency in Naxos, Greece is Euro. It is useful to have some cash on you as some places, like buses, don’t take cards.

Is Naxos cheaper than Paros?

Naxos is slightly cheaper than Paros, as Paros is quickly getting more popular for luxury holidays in Naoussa, and therefore prices increase. However, prices in Naxos Chora and Parikia are quite comparable. You can find budget-friendly restaurants and activities on both islands!

Is Naxos cheaper than Santorini?

Yes, Naxos is significantly cheaper than Santorini. Santorini is one of the most expensive Greek islands, especially the villages of Oia and Fira. Santorini tends to offer a more luxurious, romantic vacation, while Naxos is a better destination for those who want to experience an authentic Greek island.

Summary: Is Naxos Island Expensive To Visit?

If you’re looking for an affordable Greek island to spend your summer holidays this year, Naxos is a great option. 

The biggest island of the Cyclades is also one of the cheapest islands in Greece, with plenty of free things to do. 

Naxos is home to some of the best beaches among the Greek islands and numerous hiking trails to discover, and these activities are completely free!

Now that you know what prices to expect in Naxos, you can confidently plan the rest of your Cyclades itinerary to hit all the must-see spots!

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