11 Best Hostels In Santorini For Backpackers (2023) 

Are you traveling to Santorini on a budget and wondering what are the best hostels in Santorini?

You came to the right place!

With its picturesque cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses with blue domes, Santorini is a true travel bucket list destination.

I loved Santorini so much that I visited the island twice! The first time was years ago, and then again recently on my backpacking Cyclades trip.

I knew Santorini is on the expensive side, so I  was worried about how to find the best places to stay in Santorini on a budget. However, I’m glad to report that you can visit Santorini on a backpackers’ budget, as there are some pretty amazing hostels in Santorini!

If you’re ready to learn where to stay in Santorini on a budget, let’s find you the best Santorini hostel!

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Best Hostels In Santorini, Greece

You’ll find Santorini hostels in several villages: Fira, Oia, Perissa, and Karterados. 

Whether you’re backpacking Santorini on a budget or want to treat yourself to a boutique Oia hostel, there is something 

1. Bedspot Hostel, Fira 

⭐10/10 (over 200 reviews)

Best hostel in Santorini for solo female travelers!

Bedspot Hostel is the best hostel in Fira Santorini, and overall the best hostel in Santorini for backpackers.

The hostel is located in the heart of Fira, the main town on the island. 

It is situated in a calm street, about a 3 min walk from the main strip where you’ll find all the bars and restaurants in Fira.

It is one of the newer hostels in Fira Santorini, so everything is clean, fresh, and tastefully decorated. 

Amazing place to stay – great location, clean and updated facilities, nice spot on the island. Honestly, the best hostel I’ve ever been to!

– Female traveler (see more reviews)

Bedspot Hostel is the best hostel in Santorini for solo female travelers, and you can go for all-female rooms to feel completely comfortable.

The hostel has an outside and inside common area with tables to hang out and meet other travelers.

Keep in mind that this hostel has an age limit! You must be under 35 years old to stay here.

Top reasons to stay in Bedspot Hostel, Fira:

  • Great location
  • New, clean, and comfortable facilities and common areas
  • Free hot tub!

✅ Check rates and availability in Bedspot Hostel here!

2. Caveland Hostel, Santorini

⭐9.3/10 (over 2550 reviews)

Best Santorini hostel with a pool!

Santorini Hostel Caveland is located in the small village of Karterados, inside an old 18th-century winery.

If you ever wondered what iconic Cycladic houses look like from the inside, this is your opportunity. You can stay in private rooms or dorms, ranging from 4 to 10 bed dorms.

The hostel staff is helpful and friendly. You can book tours through the hostel if you want to explore the island on a trip with your hostel roommates. 

Great hostel, good facilities- breakfast options were great too. Good vibe, activities on every day so people can get involved and meet others.

– Female traveler (see more reviews)

The hostel is social, and they organize various activities to make the guests feel at home and make friends. For example, you can join yoga classes in the morning or movie nights in the evenings.

The only downside to staying in Caveland Hostel it is located about 25min walk to Fira. Not ideal if you’re a solo traveler, coming back alone at night. 

However, the hostel is rather social, so you’ll likely make friends in the hostel to go out with you!

Top reasons to stay in Caveland Hostel:

  • Amazing swimming pool
  • Located in an authentic Cycladic house
  • Free breakfast

✅ Check rates and availability in Caveland Hostel!

fira ssantorini landscape photo of caldera

3. Fira Backpackers Place

⭐8.9/10 (over 3350 reviews)

Best hostel in Sanorini for backpackers!

Located in the heart of the old town, Fira Backpackers Place is the best hostel in Santorini for backpackers and one of the best hostels in Fira Santorini.

The hostel is located just a few minutes walk from the main bus station, Caldera, bars, and restaurants.

Fira Backpackers is a no-frills hostel. The rooms are quite basic, and they didn’t put much thought into decorations. However, you won’t be spending much time in the room anyways!

Great stay! Perfect for solo travelers. Everyone is very friendly and the location was fab.

– Female traveler (see more reviews)

The hostel has a kitchen if you want to prepare your meals, and two large common areas to hang out with other travelers.

Overall, you could say the hostel is a bit overpriced for what you get. But then again, it’s Santorini.

Top reasons to stay in Fira Backpacker Place:

  • Perfect location
  • Great common spaces and social atmosphere
  • Free washing machine!

✅ Check rates and availability in Fira Backpackers Place!

4. Youth Hostel Anna, Perissa

⭐8.3/10 (over 2950 reviews)

Best of cheap hostels in Santorini!

Youth Hostel Anna is located in Perissa, and it could easily be one of the best hostels in Santorini for those who are visiting Santorini on a budget. 

If you want to spend time on the beach, the hostel is just a short walk from Perissa’s black sand beach and all the beach clubs in Perissa. 

At the same time, Youth Hostel Anna is the cheapest place to stay in Santorini. Even in high season! 

A great place! The common area makes it easy to meet others. The hostel is right next to the bus stop.

– Female traveler (read more reviews)

The rooms are large and clean, with AC and free WiFi throughout the building. 

The hostel is quite basic and gives a “school camping trip” vibe. However, you won’t be spending that much time in your room anyways, and it is great value for money compared to the rest of Santorini!

As you’ll save money on accommodation, you’ll be able to splurge on a sunset cruise in Santorini!

Top reasons to stay in Youth Hostel Anna:

  • Very affordable
  • 4 min walk to the beach
  • 2 min walk to the bus stop

✅ Check rates and availability in Youth Hostel Anna!

santorini backpacking cyclades

5. Central Hostel Oia

⭐8.5/10 (over 150 reviews)

Best Santorini hostel for flashpackers!

If you’re looking for hostels in Oia, look no further than Central Hostel Oia

This hostel is absolutely stunning, and the only reason it is not ranking higher on this list is the price. Yes, the downside of this beautiful Oia Santorini hostel is that it is the most expensive hostel in Santorini. 

The village of Oia in general is one of the most expensive places in Europe.

However, if you want to treat yourself to a luxurious hostel and wake up to see the sunset in Oia Santorini, it’s a no-brainer!

Fantastic hostel in a great location, very conveniently next to the bus station. Feels very homely and more like an Air B n B experience than feeling like you’re in a hostel.

– Laura, UK (see more reviews)

The hostel is nicely decorated in an authentic Cycladic style. There is a huge kitchen with everything you could need for cooking.

Guests can enjoy a terrace with an incredible view over Santorini. 

Top reasons to stay in Central Hostel Oia:

  • Great location in Oia, Santorini
  • The most affordable accommodation in Oia
  • A boutique hostel that feels like an Air BnB

✅ Check rates and availability in Central Hostel Oia!

6. Santorini Breeze Studios

⭐10/10 (over 850 reviews)

Best hostel in Santorini for beaches!

Santorini Breeze Studios hostel is located just steps from Perissa Beach, making it the best hostel for those who want to enjoy a beach holiday in Santorini. 

It is another great option for a cheap hostel in Santorini, as it is one of the best places to stay in Santorini on a budget.

My stay at the Santorini breeze studios was incredible! It couldn’t have been a better place to spend my holiday. I was a short distance away from the black beach and restaurants.

– Female traveler (read more reviews)

The hostel offers private rooms and dorms, so you can still enjoy the social aspects of a hostel and have your personal space. Private suites have a kitchenette, so you can cook some of your meals if you want.

Top reasons to stay in Santorini Breeze Studios:

  • Great value for money
  • Large swimming pool with a jacuzzi
  • Steps away from Perissa Beach

✅ Check rates and availability in Santorini Breeze Studios!

7. Utopia Guesthouse

⭐9.6/10 (over 450 reviews)

Best budget-friendly accommodation in Perissa Beach!

Utopia Guesthouse is a colorful guesthouse, steps away from the beach. 

The guesthouse is run by the same people running Tranquilo vegetarian restaurant, a must-visit place for all vegans in Santorini!

Utopia Guesthouse offers great value private rooms, for those who want to enjoy the social aspect of staying in a hostel but keep their privacy. 

Amazing the staff was so nice and helpful and rooms were amazing and very clean. The location is 30 steps from the beach and it’s bar is amazing!

– Female traveler (see more reviews)

This hostel is a great place to stay if you want to be close to the beach.  

Top reasons to stay in Utopia Guesthouse:

  • Steps away from the beach
  • Private rooms and dorm available
  • 1€ off for each meal in Tranquilo restaurant

✅ Check rates and availability in Utopia Guesthouse!

8. Santorini Camping And Hostel

⭐6.6/10 (over 2250 reviews)

Best hostel in Santorini for groups!

Santorini Camping and Hostel is a budget-friendly accommodation. If you want to stay in Fira, and you want to do it on a budget, this hostel is for you.

This is not a luxurious accommodation by any means. The rooms are basic and there’s also the option of sleeping in a tent. 

The location is very good and the price. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and still visit Santorini, it’s a good choice. Perfect for backpackers on a budget.”

– Anna, Poland (see more reviews)

As you can stay in tents, it is a fun way to travel if you’re in a group. For Santorini solo travel, you can opt for dorm rooms instead.

However, this hostel is not geared toward backpackers, and they don’t organize events or activities. If the social aspect is important to you when staying in a hostel, I’d rather go for some of the aforementioned hostels.

Top reasons to stay in Santorini Camping And Hostel:

  • The cheapest accommodation in Fira 
  • Large swimming pool
  • A relaxed place to stay

✅ Check rates and availability in Santorini Camping And Hostel!

More best places to stay in Santorini on a budget

If you’re coming to Santorini when backpacking Europe in summer, all of the hostels might already be fully booked.

In that case, here are more affordable places to stay in Santorini.

pool with palm trees in villa ilios hotel in santorini

9.  Villa Ilios

⭐8.7/10 (over 470 reviews)

Best budget hotel to stay in Fira!

I stayed in Villa Ilios for a night, and had an excellent stay!

The hotel is quite simple, with no more than 10 rooms available. The rooms are clean, large, and comfortable.

Each room comes with a balcony, and guests have access to a large pool.

The best part about this hostel is the location! It is located about a 10min walk from the center of Fira.

Finally, the hosts are friendly and informative. They will equip you with a free map and tips on what to visit and where to go!

The staff is very very friendly and the propriety is perfect, clean, and beautiful.

– Ionita, Romania (see more reviews)

✅ Check rates and availability in Villa Ilios!

10. Anny Studios – Perissa Beach

⭐9.4/10 (over 1770 reviews)

The best hostel in Santorini for friend groups!

Anny Studios is the best place to stay in Perissa for those traveling with friends. There are no dorm rooms available, but you can book a room or a studio for up to 8 people!

Located literally in front of the beach, it is a great option for those who want to relax in the sun.

✅ Check rates and availability in Anny Studios – Perissa Beach!

11. Babis Hotel

⭐8.8/10 (over 880 reviews)

Best budget-friendly hotel in Karterados, Santorini!

Babis Hotel is a traditional family-run hotel in the village of Karterados. If you’re backpacking as a couple, it is great value for money even in the high season.

It takes about 20 min to walk to the city center of Fira, and even less going back as the road is downhill. There is also a bus station right next to the hotel.

✅ Check rates and availability in Babis Hotel!

3 cats behind a fence in santorini


Are hostels in Santorini expensive?

The prices of Santorini hostels depend on the time of the year you visit, which village you stay in, and whether you stay in a private or shared dorm room. In the off-season, you can find a dorm for less than 15€ in Perissa. In summer, dorms are well over 50€ per night in Fira or Oia.

Which part of Santorini is the best to stay in?

Fira is overall the best part of Santorini to stay in. Fira features picturesque caldera views and typical Cycladic whitewashed houses with blue domes. It is the main town on the island so all buses pass through Fira, it has plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from, and the accommodation tends to be cheaper than in Oia.

What is the prettiest place in Santorini?

The prettiest place in Santorini is the villages of Fira and Oia. While both villages are quite picturesque, Fira is more authentic, and Oia is more polished. Some iconic Santorini photo spots, like 3 blue domes and the orange house, are in Oia.

Is Oia Santorini a good place to stay?

Oia Santorini is a good place to stay if you’re looking for an upscale and romantic place to stay in Santorini. You’ll find plenty of luxurious caldera side villas with private pools and stunning views. Of course, that experience comes at a price, and Oia is hardly a budget-friendly destination.

Is Santorini very expensive?

Santorini is one of the most expensive Greek islands, but it is possible to visit Santorini on a budget. There are numerous luxurious and upscale accommodations and activities available, but you can also stay in hostels in Santorini and walk around admiring the scenery, which is completely free to do. 

What are the least touristy parts of Santorini?

The least touristy parts of Santorini are the villages that are not on the caldera side of the island. For example, seaside villages like Kamari and Monolithos are good options. Alternatively,  Emporio in the interior of the island. You’ll find some of the best hostels in Santorini in Perissa.

Is everything in Santorini walkable?

The island of Santorini is not walkable. You can’t easily walk from one side of the island to another, as it is quite hilly and far away. You’ll want to take a bus from one village to another. However, once you reach them, all Santorini villages are compact and walkable.

Summary: Best Hostels In Santorini, Greece

Traveling on a budget shouldn’t prevent you from visiting Santorini. You can keep the accommodation costs low by staying in one of the excellent hostels in Santorini Greece!

Santorini is a fantastic stop on your Greek island hopping itinerary, and this picturesque island is well worth the visit. 

Whether you’re a flashpacker staying in hostels to meet other travelers or you’re on a strict budget, there is something for every type of traveler!

Now that you know where to find the best hostels Santorini Greece has to offer, read more about the best free things to do in Santorini in my Santorini backpacking guide

From hiking along the caldera to swimming on a unique black sand beach, you’re in for a treat!

🤩My #1 choice out of Santorini hostels is Bedspot Hostel!

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