The ONLY 1 Week In Corfu Itinerary You’ll Need (2024)

If you’re looking for the best 1 week in Corfu itinerary, you have come to the right place!

After traveling all around Corfu, I’ve devised the perfect itinerary to spend a week in Corfu,  ensuring you see all the hidden gems this magical island has to offer.

Corfu is a large diverse island that offers something for every traveler, and that’s why I love it so much!

This itinerary takes you from the north to the south of the island. You’ll get to enjoy stunning viewpoints, beach days, sightseeing, and hiking adventures.

Let’s plan how to spend 7 days in Corfu!

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view of corfu bell tower through the buildings in the oldt town of cofu, a must visit on 1 week in corfu itinerary

1 Week In Corfu Itinerary At A Glance

Length: 7 days, 6 nights
Start and end point: Corfu Town
Places to visit: Corfu Town, Sidari, Kassiopi, Porto Timoni, Palaiokastritsa, Kavos, Chlomos, Paxos, Benitses

  • DAY 1: Sidari
  • DAY 2: Old Perithia and Kassiopi
  • DAY 3: Porto Timoni
  • DAY 4: Corfu Old Town
  • DAY 5: Palaiokastritsa
  • DAY 6: Southern Corfu or Boat Trip
  • DAY 7: Benitses and Corfu Town

This itinerary starts and ends in Corfu Town, as that is likely where you’ll arrive in Corfu.

You’ll need to rent a car in Corfu to follow the itinerary exactly as it is. 

Having a car makes it easy to change accommodation, as you can simply put your luggage in the trunk and have a full day before getting to your accommodation. 

If you visit Corfu without a car, you’ll need to adapt the itinerary. You’ll want to pick one place as a base and visit others on a day trip, as it will be harder to take your luggage and change cities every few days. 

natali wearing a black dress and sunglasses standing in front of the small cove in sidari corfu with turqouise blue sea in the background

DAY 1: Sidari

Start your week in Corfu by picking up your rental car and driving to Sidari. 

Depending on when your flight landed (or ferry arrived) you’ll have more or less time this day. 

I landed the night before, and by the time I got the car, did a quick shopping in LIDL, and got to SIdari, it was already noon!

Sidari is a small village, so you can visit the main tourist attractions quickly, and spend the rest of your time enjoying the beach and settling down at your accommodation. 

The main tourist attraction in Sidari is the famous Canal d’Amour.

You can swim here too! 

Grab your first Greek gyros in Kantina Grill Sidari for lunch or dinner. They had the best vegan mushroom gyros I’ve ever had! I may (or may not) have had it 2 days in a row.

As the sunset time approaches, head to the Loggas Beach sunset viewpoint. The sunset view from the cliffs is magical!

Sidari has one main road, and that’s where you’ll find most of Sidari’s nightlife. 

The town reminded me a lot of the Algarve, with sports bars playing football games and karaoke bars.

Where To Stay?

For the first two days, I suggest you stay in one of the northern Corfu villages

I stayed in Sidari, as it seemed the most lively, and there were a lot of affordable accommodation options. 

Also, I liked that it was close to Cape Drastis and Loggas Beach sunset viewpoint.

Accommodation in Sidari:

oldest village in corfu - Old Peritheia, old stone houses covered in greenery

DAY 2: Old Perithia and Kassiopi

Start your second day bright and early, as it is a full day of exploring!

Hop in your car and drive towards Old Perithia, Corfu’s oldest village.

The road to the village from Sidari is just 26 km, but it will take you about an hour to get there due to the road conditions.

Once you get to the village, park your car and venture off to the village.

Stroll around and admire the ancient stone houses and churches, there are 8 churches in the village! The village is mostly abandoned these days, but some places have been restored. 

The village is also a starting point of a popular hiking route. It is an easy trail, and the views are incredible.

You don’t need to worry about safety in Corfu, but don’t forget to pack water and wear proper shoes if you want to hike!

If you didn’t pack lunch, you can have it in one of the tavernas in the village. There are several tavernas with beautiful views of the countryside serving local dishes.

a row of three small wooden boats in the port of kassiopi in corfu, with mountains in the background

In the second half of the day, head to one of the seafront villages, I suggest Kassiopi.

It is a 30-minute drive from the village.

I found Kassiopi prettier than Sidari, with cobblestone streets, a charming old port, and a Byzantine fortress. 

You can visit Kassiopi in an hour, or you can decide to stay longer and enjoy a refreshing swim.

End the day with a visit to Cape Drastis. It is one of the best sunset spots in Corfu, and absolutely stunning!

porto timoni double cove beach in corfu with two coves of different shades of blue separated by a narrow piece of land

DAY 3: Porto Timoni

Pack your bags and put them in your trunk as you’re changing your accommodation today!

Ideally, you should start your day early to beat the crowds at Porto Timoni.

It takes about 20 minutes to drive to Porto Timoni from Sidari. 

The double bay of Porto Timoni is probably the most recognizable landmark in Corfu. What you might not know is that it takes quite a bit of hiking to get there. 

I think the hike is achievable for most fitness levels, but it is not accessible for wheelchairs. Also, don’t try to take a pushchair down the trail, I saw a couple try doing that and they came back 10 minutes later.

The bay is stunning, the water is clear, and the small beaches are lovely. They get crowded though, so forget about a hidden tropical paradise. 

Don’t forget to bring water and snacks because the beach is completely wild and you can’t buy anything there.

After swimming, head to your next accommodation in the central Corfu.

Where To Stay?

So, for the next two days, you should stay in Corfu Town or one of the villages nearby.

Ideally, you would stay in Corfu Town – but accommodation there is significantly more expensive and parking is complicated, so it is your call. 

So, where to stay around Corfu Town? I stayed in Dassia, but you can also stay in Gouvia, Ipsos, or Benitses.

Accommodation In Corfu Town / Kérkyra:

Accommodation In The North:

Accommodation In The South:

natali walking away from the camera in a narrow street in corfu town lined with souvenir shops and colorful buildings
natali wearing white shirt and blue jeans sitting on the steps in front of a large roman looking arch in corfu old town

DAY 4: Corfu Old Town

Today is the day you discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site Old Town Corfu! It is the biggest and the most beautiful town on the island.

Finding free parking in Corfu town can be complicated, so you can leave your car at Parking Old Port for 5€ per day. 

Your ticket is valid even if you leave and come back the same day, as I came back to the city for dinner on the day after the beach.

As you arrive from the port, you’ll see the New Venetian Fortress on the top of the hill and the burgundy Holy Metropolitan Church.

Corfu Old Town is quite compact so you can head straight to the main walking street. Explore the narrow alleyways, and admire the Venetian-style architecture.

Visit the Holy Church of Saint Spyridon, known for its painted ceiling. 

The building housing the Corfu Museum of Asian Art is one of the most Instagrammable places in Corfu, even if you don’t go inside the museum.

the walls of the old fort in corfu, seen from the sea with boats in the water

Next up, visit the Old Fortress of Corfu complex, the view from the top of the fortress is stunning!

Grab a typical Greek pastry for lunch in Rose’s Bakery – I loved the spinach pie!

In the afternoon, you can either visit the Plane Landing Spot and Holy Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna or go to the beach!

You can already swim in Corfu in May, and we’ll come back to Corfu Town on day 7, so I went to the beach.

I loved Barbati Beach, north of Corfu town. It is a half-hour drive, but the sea was so clear and the pebbles were comfortable.

If you paid for a whole day’s parking, go back to Corfu Town for dinner and watch the sunset along the Arseniou Road.

Palaiokastritsa beach in corfu, a long pebbled bay with turqouse blue sea

DAY 5: Paleokastritsa

You’re packing your bags again, as you’re leaving your accommodation in central Corfu today. 

It is time to visit the famous Palaiokastritsa and Angelokastro.

It is about a 45-minute drive to Angelokastro, and the second half of the road will take up most of the time. Driving to some of Corfu’s attractions is a struggle!

Once you park the car, you’ll still have about 150 steps up to the Castle. The view from the top is spectacular, and it is the best-preserved Byzantine castle on the island.

After the castle, it is about a 10-km drive to the village of Paleokastritsa.

The main attractions here are the Monastery of Paleokastritsa and the sea caves you can visit on boat tours.

The Monastery is free to visit, just know they close for an hour during lunchtime from 1-2 pm.

I had a fantastic traditional Corfu almond pie in Apollo Bakery if you want a quick vegan snack.

I decided to just stay on the Agios Spiridon Beach, but you can get a boat tour right there at the beach!

As the sun starts to set, head towards your next accommodation in Kavos.

Kavos is the party center of Corfu, so if you want to party in Corfu, this is your time.

You don’t need a guide, walk along the main road and go to a bar or a club that sounds the best!

Where To Stay?

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about recommending Kavos.

I didn’t like the town of Kavos or its beaches, but I think it is a good base to explore southern Corfu and take a boat trip to Paxos.

Also, Kavos had fantastic accommodation options for half the price of Corfu Town. 

Accommodation in Kavos:

natali wearing shorts standing on a sandy Arkoudilas Beach lined with high cliffs in the south of corfu

DAY 6: Southern Corfu Or Boat Trip

On your sixth day in Corfu, you get to choose whether you want to go on a boat tour from Corfu or explore the southern region of the island.

Depending on how many days you spend in Corfu, you might want to visit other islands in the area!

This full-day Paxos, Antipaxos & Blue Caves Speedboat Tour takes you from Lefkimmi (about 7 km from Kavos) to the beautiful islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. 

You’ll have a day full of swimming in clear waters on hidden beaches, exploring caves, and even sightseeing on Paxos!

Alternatively, you can visit the hilltop village of Chlomos, the ruins of the Byzantine Fortress of Gardiki, and swim on one of the beautiful beaches in the south.

Halikounas Beach is a large sandy beach close to the fortress, and you’re sure to find a spot away from the crowds.

Arkoudilas Beach is a great spot to watch the sunset, although it is harder to reach. I’ve seen cars parked there, but I’m not sure my rental car would survive the ride.

It is your last night in Corfu, so go for a night out in Kavos or a more relaxed drink in Lefkimmi.

natali standing on a viewpoint in corfu in may with old town Vlacherna Monastery in front of her

DAY 7: Benitses and Corfu Town

Your 7 days in Corfu are coming to an end! You’re leaving the island today, so you might not have much time for sightseeing.

My flight was leaving in the night, so I had a whole day ahead of me. 

I drove from Kavos to Benitses and spent time strolling the cobblestone streets of this seafront village.

Benitses has lots of restaurants to choose from, so it is a perfect opportunity to grab your last Greek dish.

After Benitses, you can visit the beautiful Achilleion Palace or go back to Corfu Town and enjoy the city before going to the airport.

I visited the Holy Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna and spent some time watching the planes land at Corfu Airport Planespotting Spot.

It is a really cool experience to sit on the bridge and see a plane flying so close over you!

Corfu Airport is small, so you should be there 2 hours before your flight. Most car rental agencies offer a complimentary transfer, so you don’t have to walk from the rental agency.

Do You Need To Move This Much?

As you can see, you’ll stay in 3 different towns during your week in Corfu. 

Is it necessary to move around that much?

I think it is, and there are two main reasons why.

I like exploring different areas of the places I visit, and driving around Corfu takes time.

Personally, after two nights in Sidari, I felt like I’d seen everything there was to see. Same for Kavos!

I wouldn’t enjoy my trip as much if I had to spend 7 days in the same place, walking the same streets at night and eating at the same restaurants. 

I’m a backpacker at heart, so packing up and changing accommodations every couple of days doesn’t bother me. It was like I was backpacking Corfu really!

If you prefer to have a more stable base, I suggest you stay 2 nights in Sidari, skip Kavos, and spend 4 nights in central Corfu – in Corfu Town or one of the nearby villages.

That way you can take different Corfu day trips, while not changing accommodations!

ferry boat in the sea of corfu

How To Get To Corfu

The easiest way to get to Corfu is by flying. 

Corfu has an international airport that connects the island to many destinations around Europe.

When you see where is Corfu located, you can also take a ferry over to the island. 

Taking a ferry is a great idea if you’re coming from Albania or island hopping the Ionian islands!

The Best Time To Visit Corfu

I visited Corfu in May and it was a fantastic time to explore the island without crowds.

However, for a better swimming experience, I’d pick June or September, as the water was still a bit chilly in May. 

July and August are the most popular time to visit Corfu, as it is a summer holiday destination.

The downside of visiting in peak summer months is that the prices are the highest and the island gets very crowded. 

Corfu offers so much more than just beaches, so you can visit year-round and have a great time sightseeing and hiking!

view of church tower in corfu town with bright pink flowers in front of it

Budget For 1 Week In Corfu

Your Corfu travel budget will depend on when you travel and what you want to do on the island.

On average, these are the prices you can expect on the island. The higher-end prices are in high season months – July and August.

  • Accommodation: 30-100€ per night
  • Rental Car: 70-250€ for a week
  • Getting Around By Bus: 5-10€ per day
  • Food And Drinks: 10-40€ per day
  • Activities: 0-100€ per day

I spent about 350€ for a week in Corfu in May, which is the low season. 

Prices are about 50% higher if you’re coming in the peak summer season. Expect to spend around 500€ per person in the summer if you’re staying in a hostel or sharing a room. 

If you’re traveling solo and want to stay in private rooms, you’ll have to pay around 100€ per night in summer. 

FAQ: Corfu 7 Day Itinerary

Is 7 days in Corfu enough?

Yes, 7 days is the perfect amount of time to explore Corfu on a relaxing holiday. You’ll get to visit tourist attractions throughout the island, have enough time to relax on the beaches, and enjoy the nightlife.

Summary: 1 Week In Corfu Itinerary

One week in Corfu is the perfect amount of time to explore this beautiful island. 

I loved my week on the island, and it is one of the places I’d love to go back to as there are so many things to do in Corfu!

With this Corfu 1 week itinerary, you’ll see all the main tourist attractions and have time to relax.

Corfu is one of the biggest islands in Greece, with so much to offer. Whether you’re seeking a beach holiday, hiking, or sightseeing adventure, there’s something for you!

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