Is Corfu Expensive To Visit? Corfu Prices 2024

Planning a Greek getaway and wondering is Corfu expensive to visit? This overview of Corfu prices will help you decide!

Corfu is one of the biggest and most popular Greek islands. However, you won’t find the same type of tourists here as in Mykonos or Santorini. 

Instead, Corfu is a popular summer holiday destination for budget travelers and families, who often spend their entire summer vacation on Corfu’s beaches. 

That gives you an idea of prices in Corfu compared to the upscale Cyclades, but is Corfu cheap in general?

I spent a week exploring the island and tracked every expense, from renting a car to accommodation and food. 

While not as cheap as Albania or Bulgaria, Corfu is cheaper than the south of France and the Algarve.

Let’s dive into the cost of visiting Corfu, Greece!

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Is Corfu Expensive?

The short answer is no. Corfu is not an expensive island to visit. 

Now, it is not exactly a cheap island either, especially compared to the islands in SE Asia. 

However, it is significantly cheaper than other European summer holiday destinations I visited, like the French Riviera or the Algavre!

In my experience, Corfu is also cheaper than other popular Greek islands like Santorini or Paros

Corfu is in the EU and uses euros, so there are no dramatic currency exchange fluctuations.

For visitors from the US, the UK, or other EU countries like France, where I live, Corfu prices are generally quite affordable.

Let’s see what exactly does that mean!

natali standing on a viewpoint in corfu in may with old town Vlacherna Monastery in front of her

Corfu Budget Breakdown

Before we get into specific expenses, let’s start with an overview of daily costs for each category.

ExpenseHigh SeasonShoulder Season
Accommodation 🏡40-130€30-70€
Rental Car 🚗40-70€11-30€
Getting Around By Bus 5-10€5-10€
Food And Drinks 🥙15-50€10-40€
Activities 👯0-100€0-100€

In case you’re new here, this is a budget travel blog, so I’m not considering luxury accommodations or Michelin-star restaurants here. 

Corfu is one of the places where prices vary greatly depending on when you visit. The price of a trip to Corfu in July will be double the price in May or September.

However, summer is the best time to visit Corfu, and the prices are still affordable for most travelers.

Your total budget will depend on how much time you spend in Corfu.

For 1 week in Corfu on a budget, you can plan to spend 300€ ($325 US) in the shoulder season and 800€ ($870 US) in the peak summer season for a solo traveler.

natali wearing a black dress and sunglasses standing in front of the small cove in sidari corfu with turqouise blue sea in the background

How Much I Spent In Corfu?

Let’s see how that Corfu budget works in a real-life example.

I was backpacking Corfu for a week and spent a total of 350€ ($380 US), not including the flights.

  • Accommodation: 153€ ($160 US)
  • Car Rental Costs: 73€ ($80 US)
  • Food and drinks: 110€ ($120 US)
  • Activities: 13€ ($15 US)

Your trip can be cheaper or more expensive than mine based on your travel style. 

Before you compare your Corfu budget to mine, there are several things to consider.

While I usually backpack solo, I traveled with my boyfriend during this trip. We shared the cost of car rental, gas, and accommodation, so I only paid half of the full price. 

Also, I visited Corfu in May – before the high season started, so I took advantage of the lower car rental and accommodation prices. These will almost double in July or August!

Corfu offers so many free things to do if you travel on a budget, and I spent my time beach hopping, hiking, and exploring historical monuments.

Prices In Corfu

Your travel style might be different than mine, so let’s check out the prices you can expect on the island. 

pool in front of the accommodation, orange house, in sidari corfu

Price Of Accommodation In Corfu

Corfu offers a wide range of accommodations, from backpacker hostels to 5-star villas with private pools. Naturally, that means that the price of accommodation varies wildly.

I rarely stay in a place that is rated under 8⭐ on Booking, so I’m not considering those here. 

The price of accommodation will change depending on where you stay in Corfu.

Budget accommodation options will be the most expensive in Corfu Town. In fact, I found that basic accommodation in Corfu Town was more expensive than higher-end accommodation in Kavos or Sidari!

The further you are from Corfu Town, the accommodation will be cheaper. However, you have to factor in how you’ll get around Corfu. 

Accommodation is very affordable in the shoulder season! I stayed in a 4-star hotel for 40€ ($44 US) a night!

Here are the average prices of accommodation in Corfu, with the lower-end prices in the shoulder season and higher in the peak summer months. 

  • Hostels in Corfu: 35-40€ per night ($38-44 US)
  • Mid-range accommodation in Corfu Town: 50-120€ per night ($55-130 US)
  • Mid-range accommodation in other villages: 40-100€ per night ($44-110 US)

🏠 Browse all accommodations in Corfu here!

greek pastries on display in a bakery in corfu town

Corfu Food And Drink Prices

If you don’t want to cook while on vacation, you probably wonder is Corfu expensive to eat out.

Eating out in Corfu is not expensive at all! There are many cheap places to eat, and even nicer restaurants are a fraction of the price in the most expensive countries in Europe, like the UK or France. 

Local tavernas prepare simple and delicious Greek food. As a vegan in Corfu, I loved the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and my boyfriend was very excited to have fresh fish every day.

An average meal in a well-rated restaurant will cost you 12-15€. If you’re in the mood for a quick snack, you can always find gyros for less than 5€.

Some of my favorite places to eat were Squirrel in Ipsos and Kantina Grill in Sidari for fast food. 

If you want to go out in Corfu, budget at least 10€ per drink. Cocktails in nicer lounge bars are about 12€. ANother thing to consider, some nightclubs charge entry fees starting at 10€.

Tipping In Corfu

Tipping is not obligatory in Corfu, and nobody will look at you weirdly or be insulted if you don’t leave a tip.

While not expected, tipping is always appreciated! Generally, you can simply round up the bill to the closest 5 or 10€ when paying by cash. 

If you enjoyed your meal and service in the restaurant you can leave a larger tip. Most places will have a little box where you can give cash tips even if you pay by card.

Nobody will do the maths to see the percentage or check how much you actually gave them.

Supermarket Prices In Corfu

Corfu is a large island where many locals live year-round. I highly suggest you take advantage of several LIDL stores throughout the island to stock up on basics for breakfasts or dinners.

There is a LIDL store in Corfu Town, and that was the first place I went after getting my rental car. 

I stocked up on bread, spreads, water, several dips, fruits, and veggies for the first couple of days. This initial trip cost around 15€, and I got several breakfasts and light lunches out of it.

If your accommodation has a kitchen, you’ll save so much money by cooking at home – even if it is just for one meal!

Supermarket prices in Corfu are even slightly cheaper than in France or the UK. That is a good thing, as islands are usually more expensive than the mainland.

4 white rental cars parked on the dirt side of the road in corfu greece

Renting A Car In Corfu

I usually opt for public transport when traveling, but renting a car in Corfu is the best way to get around. 

Rental car prices vary wildly depending on when you’re traveling. Cars are the most expensive in the summer, with prices doubling compared to the prices in the shoulder season. 

Book your car as far in advance as you can, especially if you want a specific car – automatic or electric.

I got my car through Discover Cars, as they offered the best price for my dates. 

I paid 90€ ($98 US) for 7 days for 2 drivers. We added the second driver at the agency, and it literally doubled the price – I don’t recommend doing that.

These added costs are why I highly recommend booking through Discover Cars as they sometimes run promos of having a second driver for free! 

Generally, renting a car directly will be significantly more expensive!

Renting a car for a shorter period, like 1-2 days, costs almost the same as renting it for a week! The longer the rental period, the cheaper it is per day. 

If you plan to use the car for at least 3 days, I suggest you rent it for the whole time you’re on the island. 

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of parking in Corfu. Official parking at most tourist attractions was 5€ ($5.50 US) per day. 

🚗 Check rental car prices in Corfu here!

Cost Of Public Transport In Corfu

While I think that renting a car can be more affordable when divided between two travelers, you can also visit Corfu without a rental car.

If you’re traveling solo in high season, getting around by public transport is more affordable and quite straightforward.

Public transport in Corfu has a bad reputation, but it is actually very good. 

Corfu is a touristy island, and most tourists don’t rent a car – there are simply not enough cars, or space on the roads, for everyone.

You have two bus operators in Corfu:  Blue Buses which operates around Corfu Town, and Green Buses for long-distance journeys. 

Blue Corfu City buses connect Corfu Town to the Airport and nearby villages like Benitses or Ipsos.

A one-way ticket will cost you between 1,20€ ($1.30 US) and 1,60€ ($1.70 US). You can buy bus tickets from the vending machines next to the bus station, or the driver for a slightly more expensive price.

Green Buses in Corfu work better than their website, which is the most confusing website ever and I almost gave up when I tried navigating it to figure out the routes.

You can check the bus schedule and plan your day trips around Corfu

The buses go to Paleokastritsa, Sidari, Kassiopi, and many more villages in Corfu. Most trips are less than 4€ ($4.50 US) in one direction!

natali wearing a white top and blue jeans walking away from the camera towards the entrance into Corfu Old Tow fort

Cost Of Activities In Corfu

Corfu is a great destination to visit on a budget, as many things to do in Corfu are completely free!

Beaches in Corfu are free to visit, but you’ll probably have to pay for a sun bed and umbrella if you don’t want to lay on the sand.

Attractions like Porto Timoni, Paleokastritsa Monastery, Old Perithia, and watching the sunset in Corfu are completely free.

Others, like Angelokastro or the three forts of Corfu town, are under 5€ ($5.50 US). I visited Corfu fortifications on a day when they had free entrance, and it was a cool place to stroll around!

If you want to do something apart from sightseeing and beach hopping, you’ll have plenty of activities to choose from.

The most popular activity during summer is boat tours from Corfu, and they cost anywhere from 40€ ($44 US) to 100€ ($110 US) per person. 

You won’t go on a boat tour every day, so it is worth adding it to your itinerary.

More adventurous activities, like parasailing or paragliding, are about 100€ ($110 US). 

natali walking away from the camera in a narrow street in corfu town lined with souvenir shops and colorful buildings

Shopping And Souvenirs

I’m not a big souvenir person, but there are plenty of little trinkets you can buy in Corfu to remind you of your trip. 

Generally, souvenirs are not that expensive and the prices are similar throughout the island.

I like magnets, and those were 1-2€ ($1.10-2.20 US), but you can also get bottle openers or key rings for less than 5€ ($5.50 US).

However, for nicer items, like necklaces or handmade clothing, you’ll have to pay at least 20€ ($22 US).

FAQ: How Expensive Is Corfu

Is Corfu cheap?

Corfu is not a cheap summer destination anymore, especially if you compare it to Albania, Romania, or Bulgaria. However, Corfu is still cheaper than most summer holiday destinations in Europe. Corfu is one of the cheapest easily accessible Greek islands, and the prices in Corfu are significantly cheaper than average Western European prices. 

Is Kavos expensive?

No, Kavos is generally not expensive. You can easily find affordable and high-quality accommodation in Kavos. However, restaurant options are limited, so they are slightly more expensive than in Corfu Town, but nothing extreme.

Is Corfu a luxury island?

No, Corfu is not a luxury island. Instead, it is an island popular with budget travelers and families. While the overall vibe of the island is not luxury, you can still find upscale accommodation and fine dining restaurant options. 

Summary: Is Corfu Expensive To Visit?

As you can see, you can easily visit Corfu on a budget!

Corfu is not expensive compared to other popular European holiday destinations and offers a wide range of accommodation options and activities.

Still, if you visit Corfu in July or August, it won’t be cheap. Accommodation prices go up, and the activities are more expensive than in the shoulder season. 

The prices of food are usually consistent throughout the year, and you won’t notice restaurants changing menus during the peak season. 

Corfu is a fantastic summer holiday destination, and there are many more reasons to visit Corfu this year!

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